Scotland Can Do SCALE

Indeed we can.

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Indeed, we can.

After 3 days in the University of Stirling attending the Summer School on Entrepreneurship I’m absolutely convinced that we can, and that I can play a part. 

The Scotland Can Do SCALE Summer School was presented by Professor Bill Aulet of the Martin Trust Centre for Entrepreneurship at MIT and Professor Naom Wasserman of the University of California (previously of Harvard Business School). Bill Aulet provided an overview of Disciplined Entrepreneurship, in the 24 steps from Ideation to Commercialisation and Noam Wasserman covered some of the Dilemma’s facing Founders in any start-up. 

Over 3 days, 31-Jul to 2-Aug 2017, the residential course introduced a practical, structured, inspirational process to build highly ambitious growth businesses from world-leading experts in entrepreneurship and business practice, with specialists from Scotland hosting sessions throughout the week.

I took immense value from the course, both in the presented programme and from networking with Founders and Chief Executives. In particular, Bill’s disciplined, methodical approach to entrepreneurship: identifying a Beachhead Market, understanding the customer’s persona and the value of a Product-Market Fit. The programme has challenged me to not only re-read both books but put the content into practice. 

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