Setting the Scope

It’s worth stating what’s in the scope for this blog, and what’s out of scope. I’m sure I’ve said this elsewhere on the site but it’s important enough to emphasise.

The scope of the blog covers my opinion, observations on Research & Innovation, extended to anything relevant which I find online. And naturally I’m at liberty to widen the relevance to anything which I’d like to post or reference here.

The content that’s out of scope is anything relating to my day-to-day work, projects, personnel, meetings or travel. It’s not merely that this is covered by my employment contract and numerous NDA’s, but additionally that this is irrelevant to the purpose of this blog and the entire site. Just as my online Resume may omit details on my CV, the blog doesn’t extend to cover content relevant to any company I’ve been associated with, past or present.

Some company content is in the public domain, through websites, articles, scientific publications and social media. However I don’t feel that it’s anyway relevant to either reference or comment on such content.

So in summary, this site strategic. Covering my comments and career, not on my job of work.

Of course I’m very aware that the only person ever likely to read this is me, but it’s worth saying.