Coordinating Innovation

Yoram Bar-Zeev, Managing Director at Enspire Science, writing on what it means to be a Horizon 2020 Project Coordinator.

… the coordinator must be constantly active and keep a fluent and open communication channel between all parties while closely monitoring the project’s progress in order to ensure its smooth implementation.


I’ve lead the coordination of Innovate UK proposals, where pulling the participants together can be a challenge. Even where there is a true thirst for cooperation there are still competing interests from the people and the organisations they represent. We don’t all have the same viewpoint or want the same things.

As a participant in H2020, both in projects and in proposals, I have an appreciation of the immense amount of work for a H2020 coordinator. It’s not just leadership that’s required but the administration behind the the writing of the Proposal and the Consortium Agreement, to say nothing of the actual Project Management.

Hats off to anyone who takes on H2020.