Using Experts

1,600 IT workers and engineers denied UK visas – BBC News:

Between December and March, 1,226 IT specialists and 383 engineers were denied visas to take up jobs they had been offered. In addition 1,876 medical practitioners and healthcare workers, 197 teachers and 584 other professions were unable to take up their job offers in the UK.

It is unclear why there has been this surge in applications but one possibility is that it may be because European Union workers are either leaving the UK or not applying for jobs in anticipation of Brexit.

The Brexit referendum was a farce from start to [it’s eventual] finish. Rather than listening to expert opinion the “great” British public voted based on lies from xenophobic and self-serving politicians, and as a vote against David Cameron’s government policies. Once our fate was doomed the electorit immediately googled what it means is we leave the European Union.

It’s frustrating to see that we’re already seeing the negative impact of an decision by the ill-informed, with UK industry unable to hire or retain the right people. The long term of impact of Brexit is untold, and won’t be realised for many years. But the impact of Brexit is already being felt in high tech businesses pursuing innovation.