Meaningful Work

I’ve incredible mixed emotions, attending a European project meeting of 12 partners, 25+ participants from 7+ countries on the day the UK Parliament votes on the UK’s very existence in Europe. Horizon 2020 has been the backbone of European R&D, just as Framework programs which proceeded it and Horizon Europe will succeed it. The fundamental premise is not just in the collaborative R&D they deliver, but in the multi-national collaborations that they require. Despite the gesturing from UKRI, no single European nation state has the GDP necessary to sustain the financing, or install the infrastructure necessary to support this level of Innovation.

But of course, I’m preaching to the choir.

The fact that you’re reading this far means that you already understand the immense value of this work, to the partners, to EU business and the EU economy, and to the very nature of what it means to be human. You understand the last decade’s innovations in products & services are only possible due to immense work of R&D programs in the preceding decades.

So whilst it’s invigorating to spend a day reviewing the progress made by all partners in a single project, it saddens me to watch the UK attempt to destroy the entire EU project.

We can only hope that this was indeed a meaningful vote.