Only giving 80%

I confess to being bemused by even the suggestion of business’s moving to a 4 day week, as reported by BBC News.

To remain competitive every business has to stay relevant, exploit and extend their USPs and attract talent. Whilst I can certainly see a company offering a 4 day week could be attractive to those wishing a 3 day weekend, this can only be achieved by the willingness to either extend the working day. It’s not sustainable to deliver 40 hours of work in a 32 hour period. I’m unconvinced that every employee would fully appreciate this subtlety.

The interaction with suppliers, contractors and customers is significantly more complex. How many of have a phone call at 5pm on Thursday, which ends with a request like “can we discuss this tomorrow?’ or “can you dispatch this first thing in the morning?”. It’s simply not acceptable to routinely decline such requests, especially those from customers. From a customers perspective this can only be seen as a negative. A lack of willingness to support their needs. Perhaps even a supplier which can only deliver 80% whilst other companies are delivering 100%.

This is untenable.