Using Experts

1,600 IT workers and engineers denied UK visas – BBC News: Between December and March, 1,226 IT specialists and 383 engineers were denied visas to take up jobs they had been offered. In addition 1,876 medical practitioners and healthcare workers, 197 teachers and 584 other professions were unable to take up their job offers in the UK. It is unclear … Read More…Using Experts

You need a lidar

Article in EETimes on the future of automotive sensing: Yole forecasts that revenue generated by lidars will reach $1.6 billion in 2022 and will balloon to $31.5 billion by 2032. What’s interesting is who is really innovating in this space, and developing IP. Whilst early work was pioneered by GM, and then though known players like Bosch and Valeo, recent … Read More…You need a lidar

Viral Video

Experiencing the surreal moment when a potential client company asks for your proposal for real project, but where their concept marketing video has over 37,000 views on YouTube. Nothing’s been proposed, quoted, designed to say nothing of prototyped and tested, but a rendered video goes viral. No pressure then.

Getting Ahead in Business

Wise words from Stuart: The business world is moving faster and more unpredictably than ever before, so keep thinking about the direction of the company to get the best results for everyone. Watch the trends (but beware of fads) and invest in the opportunities of tomorrow whilst catering for the needs of today.

A Sense of Purpose

When I created this site I had a defined sense of purpose, but not necessarily a set of deliverables or strategic milestones. The purpose was to provide a place, beyond the limitations and distractions of LinkedIn, where I could capture my resume and blog about my thoughts and experiences along the way, such as I can make public[1]. Now, around … Read More…A Sense of Purpose

Coordinating Innovation

Yoram Bar-Zeev, Managing Director at Enspire Science, writing on what it means to be a Horizon 2020 Project Coordinator. … the coordinator must be constantly active and keep a fluent and open communication channel between all parties while closely monitoring the project’s progress in order to ensure its smooth implementation. Indeed. I’ve lead the coordination of Innovate UK proposals, where … Read More…Coordinating Innovation

Why the future of Scottish construction lies in innovation

The work of the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) Over the next five years, the industry estimates these projects will generate an addition £160m in revenue along with £7.1m in savings. They will also take 70 new products to market, create almost 240 jobs and safeguard almost 800.

Setting the Scope

It’s worth stating what’s in the scope for this blog, and what’s out of scope. I’m sure I’ve said this elsewhere on the site but it’s important enough to emphasise. The scope of the blog covers my opinion, observations on Research & Innovation, extended to anything relevant which I find online. And naturally I’m at liberty to widen the relevance … Read More…Setting the Scope

Regretting Regression

Report by BBC News: The UK will come to “regret” the decision to leave the EU, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has warned. Some of us already are regretting the inward regression by those not prepared to see the good which comes from such collaboration.

It’s All About Collaboration

Great piece by Joe Pacitti, Managing Director of CeeD, writing in the Scotsman: To move towards more revolutionary innovation inherently comes with greater risk as the collaborative forces required to assist the process require more engagement of partners not generally known to the group, and so the process is one which is much more challenging. However, if we continue to … Read More…It’s All About Collaboration

National Standards

It’s great to see the National Physical Laboratory, NPL getting some press, even if it’s limited to the Institute of Physics blog. There are indeed interesting things about the NPL, and I’m sure many more than 12. I was lucky enough to be working at NPL in it’s centenary in 2000, and felt then that I’d really only scratched the … Read More…National Standards

Worrying Brexit Forecasts

The reaction, at least on Twitter to reported rising manufacturing costs following Brexit is frustrating to the least. There’s no willingness to accept that actually the advice from the IFS, the IMF and experts before the Brexit referendum may actually have been correct. If the forecasts have even partial impact, then given the importance of UK manufacturing to the UK … Read More…Worrying Brexit Forecasts

A Business Face

Interesting to see Facebook advertising around B2B promotion. I’m unconvinced that SME’s would find a place for Facebook but I can certainly see a place for the micro-business. However it’s incredible to see a television advertising campaign when the advertised URL isn’t yet active.

Titles, Categories & Tags

I’ve considered that Categories are optional. Tags even more so. But actually, so are titles. They are a useful point of reference but not all content can be summarised in a headline which suits the content.