It’s all essential

I’v never understood what is “non essential travel”. By the time I’ve bought the ticket and made the commitments then I’m travelling. Just as incongruous as “unless for work”, well of course. We have a business to run.

Only giving 80%

I confess to being bemused by even the suggestion of business’s moving to a 4 day week, as reported by BBC News. To remain competitive every business has to stay relevant, exploit and extend their USPs and attract talent. Whilst I can certainly see a company offering a 4 day week could be attractive to those wishing a 3 day … Read More…Only giving 80%

Meaningful Work

I’ve incredible mixed emotions, attending a European project meeting of 12 partners, 25+ participants from 7+ countries on the day the UK Parliament votes on the UK’s very existence in Europe. Horizon 2020 has been the backbone of European R&D, just as Framework programs which proceeded it and Horizon Europe will succeed it. The fundamental premise is not just in … Read More…Meaningful Work

UK missing out on Micro Electronics Research

Europe to spend €1.75 bn for micro electronics research, eeNews Europe. No commentary is provided about what will happen to United Kingdom participants  – including IQE, Newport Wafer Fab, SPTS Technologies – and monies, once the UK withdraws the European Union on March 29. It’s incredible that UK businesses find themselves in this position with no apparent plan from this … Read More…UK missing out on Micro Electronics Research

The blame-game of the last decade

So to recap on the last decade: Government deregulation of the banks to drive up home ownership creates a fiscal bubble The bubble bursts Governments bail out the banks to prevent sudden loss of home ownership People blame the banks for crisis, overlooking the decades of obtainable mortgages and cheap credit cards People blame the current government for mess Governments … Read More…The blame-game of the last decade

Bad for Business

BBC News reporting another company leaving the UK: Panasonic will move its European headquarters from the UK to Amsterdam in October as Brexit approaches. The aim is to avoid potential tax issues linked to the UK’s decision to leave the EU, said Panasonic Europe’s chief executive Laurent Abadie. In the run-up to March 2019, a number of multinational firms have … Read More…Bad for Business

Not a level playing field for business

Elliot Jacobs writing on LinkedIn on the difficulty’s facing local brick’s & mortar businesses when global online giant’s like Amazon circumvent tax laws: The Business Rates for the House of Fraser’s shop on Oxford Street (just the one shop) is £4.6m. That’s about the same as all the tax paid by Amazon last year in the UK. Now you get … Read More…Not a level playing field for business

UK Participation in EU Projects

The UK Treasury has released an updated version of the UK Q&A document on H2020. The government’s priority remains ensuring the draft Withdrawal Agreement is finalised and concluded. This would mean that UK Horizon 2020 participants and projects would be unaffected by EU exit. This wish-list sets out the UK Governments hopes for Business As Usual, otherwise known as wanting … Read More…UK Participation in EU Projects

Major investment in Scottish Innovation

The University of Strathclyde Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) is to receive £16.5M investment in a industry 4.0 demonstrator. Set to begin operating in 2020, FutureForge will be the world’s most advanced hot forging research platform and will include a one-of-a-kind, industry 4.0 ready, demonstrator. It will see the AFRC work with companies in the aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, … Read More…Major investment in Scottish Innovation

CT Scanning for Liquids

BBC News reporting a trial of CT scanners could end the ban on liquid ok aircraft: The new computerised tomography (CT) scanners have also reportedly been tested at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and John F Kennedy airport in New York. It comes five years after the European Commission said it hoped the restrictions across Europe could be ended through “technological screening”. … Read More…CT Scanning for Liquids

Transforming Construction

I attended an Industrial Challenge Strategy Fund (ISCF) event today at the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre, the home of innovation in the Construction Industry in Scotland, and where I’m proud to be one of their Innovation Champions. The event was well attended, and I’m interested to see what this extension of my network brings, and exploits further routes for innovation … Read More…Transforming Construction