Only giving 80%

I confess to being bemused by even the suggestion of business’s moving to a 4 day week, as reported by BBC News. To remain competitive every business has to stay relevant, exploit and extend their USPs and attract talent. Whilst I can certainly see a company offering a 4 day week could be attractive to those wishing a 3 day … Read More…Only giving 80%

Bad for Business

BBC News reporting another company leaving the UK: Panasonic will move its European headquarters from the UK to Amsterdam in October as Brexit approaches. The aim is to avoid potential tax issues linked to the UK’s decision to leave the EU, said Panasonic Europe’s chief executive Laurent Abadie. In the run-up to March 2019, a number of multinational firms have … Read More…Bad for Business

Not a level playing field for business

Elliot Jacobs writing on LinkedIn on the difficulty’s facing local brick’s & mortar businesses when global online giant’s like Amazon circumvent tax laws: The Business Rates for the House of Fraser’s shop on Oxford Street (just the one shop) is £4.6m. That’s about the same as all the tax paid by Amazon last year in the UK. Now you get … Read More…Not a level playing field for business

Major investment in Scottish Innovation

The University of Strathclyde Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) is to receive £16.5M investment in a industry 4.0 demonstrator. Set to begin operating in 2020, FutureForge will be the world’s most advanced hot forging research platform and will include a one-of-a-kind, industry 4.0 ready, demonstrator. It will see the AFRC work with companies in the aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, … Read More…Major investment in Scottish Innovation

CT Scanning for Liquids

BBC News reporting a trial of CT scanners could end the ban on liquid ok aircraft: The new computerised tomography (CT) scanners have also reportedly been tested at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and John F Kennedy airport in New York. It comes five years after the European Commission said it hoped the restrictions across Europe could be ended through “technological screening”. … Read More…CT Scanning for Liquids

Transforming Construction

I attended an Industrial Challenge Strategy Fund (ISCF) event today at the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre, the home of innovation in the Construction Industry in Scotland, and where I’m proud to be one of their Innovation Champions. The event was well attended, and I’m interested to see what this extension of my network brings, and exploits further routes for innovation … Read More…Transforming Construction

The future of UKRI

UKRI has announced future budget for R&I in the UK: The Government has put research and innovation at the heart of its modern Industrial Strategy, committing additional funding of £7bn by 2021/22 and setting out an ambition to increase total R&D expenditure to 2.4% of GDP by 2027.

Collaboration & Competitiveness

I’ve returned from a H2020 Project Consortium meeting feeling energised and excited, both for future of the project and the potential to the business. There is a huge potential upside, both directly through the R&I of the H2020 project, and indirectly from adjacent collaborative efforts with the project partners and their network. It’s extremely concerning that the UK’s participation in … Read More…Collaboration & Competitiveness

Using Experts

1,600 IT workers and engineers denied UK visas – BBC News: Between December and March, 1,226 IT specialists and 383 engineers were denied visas to take up jobs they had been offered. In addition 1,876 medical practitioners and healthcare workers, 197 teachers and 584 other professions were unable to take up their job offers in the UK. It is unclear … Read More…Using Experts

You need a lidar

Article in EETimes on the future of automotive sensing: Yole forecasts that revenue generated by lidars will reach $1.6 billion in 2022 and will balloon to $31.5 billion by 2032. What’s interesting is who is really innovating in this space, and developing IP. Whilst early work was pioneered by GM, and then though known players like Bosch and Valeo, recent … Read More…You need a lidar

Viral Video

Experiencing the surreal moment when a potential client company asks for your proposal for real project, but where their concept marketing video has over 37,000 views on YouTube. Nothing’s been proposed, quoted, designed to say nothing of prototyped and tested, but a rendered video goes viral. No pressure then.

Getting Ahead in Business

Wise words from Stuart: The business world is moving faster and more unpredictably than ever before, so keep thinking about the direction of the company to get the best results for everyone. Watch the trends (but beware of fads) and invest in the opportunities of tomorrow whilst catering for the needs of today.