This is 2019, not 1919

I’m actually speechless after reading the BBC’s reporting of the edict from Jacob Rees-Mogg I’m actually speechless, banning words and insisting on imperial units. Not only is the desire for alternative language completely unenforceable, but the arrogance that we should somehow abandon SI units in favour of an antiquated and outdated system of measurement demonstrates just how out of touch … Read More…This is 2019, not 1919

Bad for Business

BBC News reporting another company leaving the UK: Panasonic will move its European headquarters from the UK to Amsterdam in October as Brexit approaches. The aim is to avoid potential tax issues linked to the UK’s decision to leave the EU, said Panasonic Europe’s chief executive Laurent Abadie. In the run-up to March 2019, a number of multinational firms have … Read More…Bad for Business

The future of UKRI

UKRI has announced future budget for R&I in the UK: The Government has put research and innovation at the heart of its modern Industrial Strategy, committing additional funding of £7bn by 2021/22 and setting out an ambition to increase total R&D expenditure to 2.4% of GDP by 2027.

Collaboration & Competitiveness

I’ve returned from a H2020 Project Consortium meeting feeling energised and excited, both for future of the project and the potential to the business. There is a huge potential upside, both directly through the R&I of the H2020 project, and indirectly from adjacent collaborative efforts with the project partners and their network. It’s extremely concerning that the UK’s participation in … Read More…Collaboration & Competitiveness

Regretting Regression

Report by BBC News: The UK will come to “regret” the decision to leave the EU, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has warned. Some of us already are regretting the inward regression by those not prepared to see the good which comes from such collaboration.

Worrying Brexit Forecasts

The reaction, at least on Twitter to reported rising manufacturing costs following Brexit is frustrating to the least. There’s no willingness to accept that actually the advice from the IFS, the IMF and experts before the Brexit referendum may actually have been correct. If the forecasts have even partial impact, then given the importance of UK manufacturing to the UK … Read More…Worrying Brexit Forecasts


After spending 2 days with a new consortium for a European Commission funded H2020 project it’s hard to be anything but optimistic. But sadly it was difficult to spend anytime with the fantastic group of people without being asked about Brexit. When you spend any considerable period of time in the company of any group of people it’s impossible not … Read More…Collaboration

Brexit Transistion

Allie Renison, Head of Europe and Trade Policy at the IoD, writing in her blog: We are hoping and expecting to see more position papers in the autumn from the UK Government in this area, as well as on the Irish border and future framework for regulating cross-border trade in goods and services. Work will also soon begin on a … Read More…Brexit Transistion

Continued Research & Innovation

As pointed out by the IOD, Research in areas such as advanced manufacturing and schemes such as Horizon 2020 are improved by international cooperation, and the UK will want to remain part of some programmes. I can’t see how UK SME’s could continue to innovate without access to such collaborative programmes.